Captain James Hobbs (1819-1880) Comanche Jim

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James Hobbs was also known as Comanche Jim. Captain and Scout, Texas Ranger Regiment, Mexican War; and Company E,1st Missouri Mounted Volunteers, Civil War.  He spent 15 years with the Comanche and 7 years wandering over the West and South with Kit Carson. Hobbs' Pass, Hobbs' Peak, Hobbs' Lake, and Hobbs' Trail in Arizona are named for him.

Source: Dayton National Cemetery website: James Hobbs, Section B, Row 13, Grave 8.


Captain James Hobbs (1819-1880) - Also known as Comanche Jim, Hobbs was the Great-grandson of renowned Shawnee Indian Chief, Tecumseh. He grew up to become a Texas Ranger, fought in the Mexican-American War, and the Civil War, and roamed the Southwest with the likes of Kit Carson.

Source: Legends of America website