Carl Eugen Guthe (1893–1974)

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Carl Eugen Guthe (1893–1974) was an American academic and anthropologist.  Guthe did his undergraduate work at the University of Michigan, graduating in 1914. He went on to earn his MA and PhD in anthropology from Harvard University.Guthe assisted Alfred Kidder with his excavations at Pecos, New Mexico; their efforts to ship the skeletons found there to the Peabody Museum at Harvard resulted in them being suspected of espionage.He became the first anthropologist hired at the University of Michigan, the first chair of anthropology there, and the first director of the school's new Museum of Anthropology in 1928. He also headed an archaeological expedition to the Philippines, which was used to supply exhibits to the museum. He left the university in 1944 after being appointed director of the New York State Museum. He created the Society for American Archaeology and began publishing the American Antiquity journal.

Source: Wikipedia