Silverman Museum

Great collections are often the results of one man's inspiration and determination. Such is the collection of nineteenth-century textiles brought together by artist-collector Jack Silverman. eng_about_1His goal has been simple: to assemble the finest examples of early Pueblo and Navajo textiles and pottery that he could find. By traveling throughout the world searching for and carefully buying and trading textiles, Silverman has developed a collection that is stunningly impressive.

He has created archival studies of his collection of textiles. Employing a multiple layer technique of silkscreening, he achieves the illusion of woven texture. Through his serigraphs, posters and artcards, Silverman seeks to document and disseminate the beauty of his collection.
-Robert Breunig, Chief Curator - The Heard Museum Phoenix, Arizona USA

Jack Silverman is a world-renowned artist, collector of Native American textiles, scholar of Native American history and culture and curator of Native American ethnographic information.

Born in 1940, in Chicago, Illinois, Mr. Silverman now lives and works in beautiful and historic Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Jack began creating his acclaimed serigraphs in 1974, as archival studies of his world-renowned textile collection. He has completed 55 original images to date.

-Source: Silverman Museum website