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Southwest Indian Pottery: Historic

Origin: Jemez Pueblo - Walatowa

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Jemez Pueblo Pottery and Fine Art

It is evident that significant pottery was produced at Jemez Pueblo - Walatowa in the 17th century as excavations have illustrated. The predominant type excavated was Jemez Black-on-white. After the Spanish Reconquest, production declined rapidly. Requirements for pottery at the pueblo were satisfied by imports from Zia and Santa Ana Pueblos. It was not until 1925 that a revival was attempted at the pueblo. Credit for the revival is given to two potters from Zia Pueblo, both of whom married into Jemez. The revival was neither profitable nor popular so very little was produced.

Adobe Gallery prefers to feature pottery from Jemez Pueblo that is either from the historic period or contemporary pottery by a few of the more outstanding pottery families. Paintings by early 20th century Jemez artists is generally available.

Jemez Pueblo is tucked away in the beautiful Jemez Mountains 30 Miles northwest of Bernalillo. Their Feast day is November 12th honoring their patron saint, San Diego.