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Kewa Pueblo Polychrome Storage Jar, circa 1890 [SOLD]


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Potter Unknown

This Santo Domingo (Kewa) Pueblo polychrome jar dates to the 1890s. It has the traditional rag-wiped bentonite slip and a black rim around the top rolling over the edge. There are four pairs of black framing lines throughout the decorated areas. The first pair is at the rim, the second at the lower area of the neck, the third at the shoulder, and the fourth pair at the lower extremity of the decorated area. Ceremonial break lines divide all the pairs of framing lines.


The design at the area of the neck is comprised of black triangles connected to form a chain around the constricted neck. A second band of black triangles forms the decoration just below the neck.


The main body is decorated in extremely bold design panels of traditional triangular elements arranged to resemble a star. A wide red band has been rag-wiped on the underbody.


This jar was recently brought to us directly from Santo Domingo (Kewa) Pueblo where it has been in continuous use. A large section of the rim is missing but we consider that as part of the ethnographic history of the vessel that should be left as it is.

Potter Unknown
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