Original Oil Painting “Buffalo Robe" by Ramon Kelley


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Ramon Kelley (1939 - )

Ramon Kelley began his art career at an early age by drawing in the margins of his schoolbooks. He earned early recognition as a young artist and has continued to grow professionally. Kelley credits Russian artist Nicolai Fechin as a major influence on his strong figural paintings. Subject matter of primary interest to Kelley is Mexican and Southwestern scenes.

Although living in Denver, Colorado, Kelley goes on sketching trips around Taos, New Mexico. It is there that he paints some of his finest Southwestern landscapes and Indian subjects. He is regarded as especially successful with portraits of young people and older people.

This painting of an Indian wrapped in a buffalo robe is excellent testimony to his ability to portray strong portraits as gleaned from his inspiration of the art of Fechin.


Condition:  the painting is over 25 years old and is in original excellent condition. It is framed in the original frame selected by the artist.

Book Reference: Ramon Kelley Paints Portraits and Figures. Watson-Guptill Publications. New York. 1977.


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Ramon Kelley (1939 - )
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