San Ildefonso Pueblo Polychrome Interior and Exterior Decorated Bowl [SOLD]


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Pueblo Potter Unknown

This is a turn-of-the-century polychrome bowl from San Ildefonso Pueblo that is totally slipped inside and outside with traditional Cochiti Pueblo rag-wiped white slip. The interior is decorated in a continuous chain of cloud forms, which are pendant from the lower of two parallel framing lines just below the rim.

The exterior design is an array of different elements. There are crosses, triangles, clouds, diamonds and kiva-step elements, all arranged in a two-inch-wide band encircling the upper body of the bowl. The design band is enclosed within framing lines above and below. A black rim and a wide red band under the painted area complete the design.

Although an attribution has not been made to a specific artist, it is quite likely, based on the design pendant from the rim on the interior of the bowl, that this was painted by Florentino Montoya, as that design is of his style.  If painted by him, then it was likely made by Martina Vigil.

Condition: There has been some professional conservation and restoration on this San Ildefonso Pueblo Polychrome Interior and Exterior Decorated Bowl.

Alternate view of side panel design.

Pueblo Potter Unknown
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