AL Qöyawayma Wish Vase with Figure in Relief [SOLD]


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AL Qöyawayma, Hopi Pueblo Artist

Artist signature of AL Qöyawayma, Hopi Pueblo Artist

This pottery vase was created by Alfred H. Qöyawayma, or "Al Q," of Hopi Pueblo. The vessel form was created frequently by the artist's aunt, Elizabeth White. She dubbed it a "wish vase" or a "wish jar," and Qöyawayma continues using this name. Much of his work is inspired by that of his aunt, and it is interesting to explore the connections between the two artists' work.

With this piece, Qöyawayma displays his remarkable technical abilities and unparalleled eye for design. The vessel itself is gorgeous, and its vertically polished exterior allows the clay's natural tone to shine. There are no painted designs, just a figure in profile, which rises from the exterior. The figure's hair continues down, around, and up, ultimately turning into a stylish element. There are no painted designs of any kind, and none are needed-the beautiful vessel, its coloration, and the figure create a powerful visual impression. This is a beautiful example of Qöyawayma's work.

The bottom of the vase is signed and dated Qöyawayma, 1996, Q6P.

Alfred H. Qöyawayma (1938- ) is one of the most accomplished contemporary Hopi artists. He entered the art scene around 1970 and is still actively creating. Qöyawayma attributes his pottery style to his aunt, the famous Hopi potter Elizabeth White (or "Polingaysi Qöyawayma''). It was she who started the all-natural clay pottery without slip and with the appliqué corn design. "Al Qöyawayma is a ceramic artist, potter, and bronze sculptor. He's also a thinker of great thoughts, a Fulbright Scholar, a co-founder of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, a featured artist at the Smithsonian's permanent Archives of American Art as well as a physicist, astronomer, anthropologist, engineer, and educator." Indian Country Today

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this AL Qöyawayma Wish Vase with Figure in Relief is from a private collection


-"The Mind-blowing Pottery of Hopi Artist Al Qoyawayma" in Indian Country Today, by Lee Allen

- Al Qöyawayma's website


AL Qöyawayma, Hopi Pueblo Artist
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