San Ildefonso Pueblo Polychrome Jar by Carlos and Carmelita Dunlap [SOLD]


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Carmelita and Carlos Dunlap

This large pottery jar was made by Carmelita Dunlap and her son, Carlos.  It likely dates to the late 1970s.  The earth-color jar was formed using micaceous clay—not to the extent of Taos Pueblo pottery, but clay with a small amount of mica.  The lower part of the jar was slipped in an off-white slip which was stone polished.  Over the white slip was painted eagle feather designs encircling the body of the jar.  At the base of the neck, a series of clouds were added in red slip and outlined with black.  The jar is co-signed by mother and son.

Artist's Signatures of Carmelita and Carlos Dunlap, San Ildefonso Pueblo PottersCarmelita Dunlap (1925-1999) and her son, Carlos Sunrise Dunlap (1958-1981), collaborated on pottery for the short duration that Carlos worked with his mom, probably no more than 5 years. Carmelita primarily made pottery and Carlos painted them for her.  Since he passed away at age 23, their collaborative output could not have been numerous.

Carmelita was the daughter of Juanita and Romando Vigil of San Ildefonso Pueblo.  Her mother passed away when Carmelita was very young and her mother’s two sisters, Maria Martinez and Desideria Montoya, raised her.  She took turns staying with Maria for a few months and then with Desideria for a few months.  She learned to make pottery by watching Maria and Desideria at work.

Carlos was a talented painter with a creative outlook for combining traditional and innovative designs.  His combination of the traditional eagle feather Mimbres design and the red-on-tan clouds juxtaposed on the natural clay is not a standard approach but one that Carlos created from his artistic mind.

Condition: very good condition

Provenance: this San Ildefonso Pueblo Polychrome Jar by Carlos and Carmelita Dunlap is from a family from Santa Fe who purchased it over 25 years ago

Reference: Pueblo Indian Pottery: 750 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.

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Close up view of side panel designs.

Carmelita and Carlos Dunlap
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