Navajo Large Round Turquoise and Silver Cluster Jewelry Pin [SOLD]


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Jeweler Unknown

Diné women of the Navajo Nation have traditionally been very fond of these large, round pins.  Old photographs invariably show such pins on the velveteen blouses being worn.  These historic images also show that they were wearing large cluster bracelets of the style of pins. Pueblo women are also known for favoring such pins.

It is difficult to determine if a cluster pin was made by a Diné or Pueblo artisan as both made them and both wore them.  We have selected the Navajo Nation as the origin for this one based on the amount of silverwork in the center.

Condition: the center turquoise has a crack but is secure in the bezel.

Provenance: this Navajo Large Round Turquoise and Silver Cluster Jewelry Pin is from a Maryland Southwest Indian Jewelry collection

Recommended Reading: Indian Silver: Navajo and Pueblo Jewelers by Margery Bedinger

Note: when we say Diné, as opposed to Navaho or Navajo, we are referring to the people and not the government.  Since 1969, their government refers to itself as the Navajo Nation.

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Jeweler Unknown
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