Flora Naranjo Santa Clara Salt and Pepper Ensemble


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Flora Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery

This small oval-shaped bowl, made by Flora ,has several things of value. First, the artist was a well-known and respected potter of the twentieth century. Secondly, she deserved such acclaim because she was consistently exceptional in her construction and design of pottery. Thirdly, her use of pastel pigments set her works above others.

This salt and pepper set is especially striking in the use of slips of matte red, matte white, and matte gray highlighted by the polished red background. The white outlining of each color strengthens their importance.

Each mushroom-shaped dispenser features white-outlined rain clouds over a feather-tip design. The holder for the salt and pepper shakers has two deep bowls to safely secure the shakers. A curved handle separates the dispensers.

Santa Clara Pueblo artist Flora Naranjo (1915-2000) signed the underside with her name in pencil. Flora was always a consistent pottery maker in that the quality of her work was always above average. For years, she made pottery alone, then, later in life, she worked with her daughter Glenda Naranjo. Flora taught all her children the techniques of pottery making.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Flora Naranjo Santa Clara Salt and Pepper Ensemble is from the collection of a gallery client

Reference: Pueblo Indian Pottery: 750 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.

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Flora Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery
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