Four Strand Diné Petite Red Coral Necklace


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Jeweler Once Known

A strikingly rich necklace made of authentic coral, this is an exemplary piece of jewelry most likely made by a Diné of the Navajo Nation artist. Coral is an essential part of Navajo jewelry and culture. It serves as a symbolic representation of the beauty and vitality of life. On this necklace, there are four strands, each with silver beads interspersed throughout. Silver is also a highly important element to the Diné, and it is very commonly seen in their regalia and material culture.

Today, high quality coral is extremely rare. Demand from Chinese consumers and over harvesting have led to scarcity of the popular jewelry element. One of the most desired components of Southwestern jewelry, coral is technically not a stone: it is the skeletal remains of a sea animal that lives in warm waters. Navajo and Pueblo jewelers were first introduced to coral by the early Spanish traders who had obtained it from Mediterranean fishermen off the coast of Spain. Fascinated by the deep color, silversmiths began integrating coral into their jewelry.

Talented native artists began to use coral in new, innovative styles in the mid-twentieth century. This necklace is composed of coral left in its natural shape. Each coral was cut to the desired length, drilled to be strung, and polished to a beautiful sheen.

Silver cones and handmade silver clasp (hook and loop) complete the necklace.

Condition: very good condition

Provenance: this Four Strand Diné Petite Red Coral Necklace is from the collection of a client of Adobe Gallery

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This necklace has a simple securing system.

Jeweler Once Known
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