Vintage Silver Ring with Coral and Fossilized Ivory Settings


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Jeweler Once Known

The Diné-Inspired Vintage Coral Ring: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

This vintage coral ring, reminiscent of the style crafted by the Diné of the Navajo Nation, is a stunning piece of jewelry. However, its exact attribution remains uncertain. The ring features two cream-colored settings, which appear to be made of fossilized ivory, adding a touch of antiquity to the piece. These settings are nestled in silver bezels, meticulously contoured to align with the curve of the ring band.

At the heart of the ring lies an oval coral setting, lending a vibrant pop of color to the piece. This spectacular ring exudes a modern appeal, suggesting the handiwork of a jeweler possessing expert design abilities. The fusion of traditional elements with contemporary design makes this ring a unique and captivating piece of art.

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Condition: very good condition

Provenance: this Vintage Silver Ring with Coral and Fossilized Ivory Settings is from a private Oklahoma collection

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Alternate view of the side of this ring.

Jeweler Once Known
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