Gold Swirl Earrings by Jolene Eustace


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Jolene Eustace, Cochiti Pueblo Master Jeweler

Cochiti Pueblo artist Jolene Eustace is a respected master jeweler. She is widely published and has won numerous awards.

Cochiti Pueblo artist Jolene Eustace signs 14K .925 JE” or similar.These earrings are no exception to her brilliance, and are extremely stylish and beautiful. Cut into modestly sized circular shapes, the earrings feature a silver back plate with a gold swirling pattern on the front going around the circumference.

The back is signed 14K .925 JE.

Jolene is a daughter of Ben Eustace (c.1920s-2007) of Zuni Pueblo and Felicita Eustace (1927-2016) of Cochiti Pueblo, both of whom were potters of distinction.

From Greg Schaaf's book we quote "Jolene A. Eustace-Hanelt is respected as a master jeweler. She comes from a family of jewelers and potters. She grew up helping her parents. In a cover story for Indian Artist magazine, Jolene shared: ‘I was eight when I made my first piece. I got an order to do 100 tie tacks . . .That was over 100 bucks.' She bought a 10-speed bike with the money. She added ‘Then I realized I could be self-sufficient with my work as an artist . . . My work is my release. My work is my meditation. It's a way of going back to Mother Earth.'" [Schaaf 2012:207]

Jolene attended the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe. She credits learning jewelry making from her parents and Hopi jeweler Duane Maktima. She has been actively making jewelry since the mid-1980s.

Condition: good condition

Provenance: this Gold Swirl Earrings by Jolene Eustace is from a collection of a Santa Fe resident

Reference: Schaaf, Gregory. American Indian Jewelry II: A-L 1,800 Artist Biographies.

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These earrings are made for pierced ears.

Jolene Eustace, Cochiti Pueblo Master Jeweler
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