Hopi First Mesa Heheya Puppet Katsina [SOLD]


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Henry Seeni


This Heheya is the First Mesa version, with the chiles on his head and a fancy blanket wrapped around his torso.

From what I have been able to determine, based on information from several Katsina doll experts, is that Henry Seeni made these puppet dolls in the mid-1950s.

The puppet can be made to move with proper manipulation of the strings. The arms and legs are pegged to the body and all four appendages are moveable.

Jimmy Koots also made puppet Katsina dolls in the early 1950s, but the work of the two men can be distinguished by the body style, particularly in the hips where the legs are attached.

This katsina puppet is published in Hopi Katsina 1,600 Artist Biographies, page 276 (see link to this book below).


Condition: very good condition with minor abrasion to paint

Provenance: from the collection of a family from Oregon

Reference Material:  Hopi Katsina 1,600 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf - this katsina puppet is published in this book and appears page 276.


Henry Seeni
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