Hopi Pueblo Open Pottery Dish of Rooster Figure


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Pueblo Potter Unknown

This Hopi Pueblo Open Pottery Dish, in the shape of a bird and with the head of a rooster, is a charming tourist piece from the mid-twentieth century.  Such items were favorite souvenirs of visits to the Southwest. The body of the bird features a breast painted with feather-like brush strokes and the tail feathers are long and painted with black pigment.  The head is rendered in a feather pattern.

The potter is unknown as the item was not signed at the time it was made.  

Condition: this Hopi Pueblo Open Pottery Dish of Rooster Figure is in very good condition with minor touch-ups only to the front of the bird’s comb.

Provenance: from an extensive collection of pottery from a client in Colorado.

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Alternate view of the top of this figurine.

Pueblo Potter Unknown
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