Hopi Pueblo Patung Katsina, Squash Kachina Doll by Garfield Nish


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Garfield Nish, Hopi Pueblo Carver

Artist Signature - Garfield Nish, Hopi Pueblo CarverThis representation of the Squash Katsina was made by a Hopi carver named Garfield Nish, who preferred to use only his last name.  It is an all-wood carving in action mode with embellishment of a vinyl loincloth beautifully painted with a squash blossom. He wears accents of yarn on a leg and arm.  He was probably carrying a squash blossom in his left hand, but it is no longer there.  Also, if there was a squash blossom on the back of his head, it, too, is missing. The lack of these attachments does not detract from this exquisite carving.

In the 1980s, I was purchasing katsina dolls from this carver. Although I did not have a signed contract for exclusive representation with him, I was pretty much his sole buyer. I imagine I purchased this doll from Nish and sold it to my client during that period. It is now for re-sale. 

This Hopi Pueblo Patung Katsina, Squash Kachina Doll by Garfield Nish is a favorite katsina doll for many collectors.  He appears primarily on First Mesa as a runner and may have been derived from Zuni.  He, of course, looks like squash and represents such. Nish carved this one with the body of a young man who is a runner.

Reference: Kachinas: a Hopi Artist’s Documentary by Barton Wright with original paintings by Cliff Bahnimptewa

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Close up view of the squash kachina face with pollen on his nose.

Garfield Nish, Hopi Pueblo Carver
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