Highly Polished and Beautifully Decorated Water Canteen


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Loren Ami, Hopi-Tewa Potter

Artist Signature - Loren Ami, Hopi-Tewa PotterThis highly polished and beautifully decorated water canteen is the handiwork of Hopi-Tewa potter Loren Ami.  The spiral design begins in the center of the body and curves around until it fills the entire dome shape of the canteen body.  The beginning of the spiral appears to be the beak of a stylized parrot. As it swirls around the dome, the design evolves with triangles, lines, and stacked rectangles.  Floating throughout the design are tadpoles. The construction and painting both were executed to near perfection.

“Loren Ami was raised away from Hopiland.  He grew up in Santa Fe, where his mother worked for the Indian Health Service.  Loren took a ceramic class in high school, beginning his interest in pottery. ‘He did exceptional work that was recognized by his teachers.’

“For his senior year, Loren and his mother moved home to Hopi.  He was reunited with his grandmother, Eleanor Ami, a fine potter.  He reconnected with other family members who were potters, including Sadie Adams.  Loren then met one of the top young potters, Camille Quotskuyva, who signs her pottery ‘Hisi Nampeyo.’  Loren began assisting Camille in her pottery production. Camille’s mother, Dextra Quotskuyva, saw his talent and encouraged him to do his own work.  Loren is an excellent student, taking her advice to heart. . . Loren paints his pottery with old Sikyatki designs. He is especially known for his fine polychrome canteens.” Schaaf 1998.

Condition: this Highly Polished and Beautifully Decorated Water Canteen is in original condition

Provenance: from a collection of contemporary pottery of a family from New Jersey

Reference: Hopi-Tewa Pottery: 500 Artist Biographies, by Gregory Schaaf. 

TAGS: Southwest Indian PotteryHopi PuebloContemporary PotteryLoren Ami

Loren Ami, Hopi-Tewa Potter
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