Sterling Silver Bear Pictorial Pin or Pendant [SOLD]


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Jeweler Unknown

Hallmark of unidentified Hopi Pueblo artist.This sterling silver bear image with a multi-story pueblo building is signed with a pair of 90-degree crossed arrows, however, we have been unable to identify the artist to whom that belongs. The bear is humped with a high back, and his legs curve around to rounded edges.

Our attribution to a Hopi artist is based on two aspects of the pin/pendant. The item has the appearance of Hopi overlay jewelry except it is polished rather than having a matte finish. Secondly, the multi-story pueblo building is not likely the work of a Diné, but most likely that of a pueblo artisan.

Condition: very good condition with some scratches from wear

Provenance: this Sterling Silver Bear Pictorial Pin or Pendant is from the collection of a client from Santa Fe

Recommended Reading: The Beauty of Hopi Jewelry by Theda Bassman, Kiva Publishing

TAGS: Hopi Pueblojewelry

Jeweler Unknown
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