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Jemez Pueblo Polychrome Fourteen Piece Nacimiento [SOLD]


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Clifford Kim Fragua (1957-)

The Holy FamilyClifford Kim Fragua was born into Jemez Pueblo in 1957 and began producing pottery in 1970. Along with his sisters Emily, Bonnie and Carol, he learned the traditional Jemez ways of making pottery from his mother, Grace L. Fragua. He is known for his lively storytellers and figurines, and especially for his portrayal of whimsical animal figures.

Chicken on the cow.This 14-piece nacimiento (nativity scene) features all the wonderful aspects of Fragua’s work.  Figures of Mary and Joseph are kneeling in prayer with their wide eyes looking towards heaven in thanks. A lively Christ child is placed in front of them. Behind the Holy Family are three drummers, rather than three kings. Each drummer has a different color drum and they too are kneeling in prayerful poses with uplifted faces.  All the figures are dressed in traditional pueblo clothing.

Five of Fragua’s signature animals protectively watch over the Christ child—a beautiful grey horse with a colorful saddle blanket, a cow with a chicken on its back, a ram and two white sheep. Each piece in the set is signed Clifford Kim Fragua.

Clifford Kim Fragua (1957-) signatureCondition: The Jemez Pueblo Polychrome Fourteen Piece Nacimiento is in excellent condition.

Provenance: From a collection in Albuquerque

Recommended Reading: Nacimientos: Nativity Scenes by Southwest Indian Artisans by Guy and Doris Monthan


Clifford Kim Fragua (1957-)
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