Large Rugan Katsina from Hopi Pueblo


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Carver Unknown

This Rugan Katsina was created by an unknown Hopi Pueblo carver. Rugan is a class of katsinam that come in groups, accompanied by the Corn Maidens, who play musical instruments. There are various types of Rugan Katsinas.

This is a 1940s piece, made in the traditional style using cottonwood. At over ten inches in height, it is a bit larger than the average piece, and the size allowed the artist to include detailed designs on the kilt, mask, and sash. The artist's color palette includes an unexpected salmon tone and a variety of lovely blues, all of which work together wonderfully.

The carving's shape sticks closely to tradition. It leans back just a bit, but a few pieces of putty would allow it to stand up securely. A string is attached to its neck for easy wall hanging.

What is a Kachina?

Condition: excellent condition, some light paint loss

Provenance: this Large Rugan Katsina from Hopi Pueblo is from a private California collection

Recommended Reading: Kachinas: a Hopi Artist’s Documentary by Barton Wright

Reference:  Avanyu Publishing, Kachinas: Spirit Beings of the Hopi

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Alternate close up image of the face of this Katsina Doll.


Carver Unknown
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