Historic Santo Domingo Aguilar Polychrome Pottery Jar, circa 1930s [SOLD]


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Felipita Aguilar Garcia and Asuncion Aguilar Caté, Santo Domingo Pueblo Potters

This is a polychrome jar with traditional rag-wiped bentonite slip and a black rim around the top. It features black double framing lines just under the rim, another pair just above the red underbody, and a third pair as part of the main body decoration.  Triple framing lines separate the main body from the shoulder decoration. All the framing lines incorporate ceremonial breaks.

The main body is decorated in extremely bold design elements—strong black triangles back to back.  The neck is decorated with cloud designs, which appear to float on the cream background. The interior neck has been rag wiped with red slip, and the underbody below the design field also has been wiped with red slip. The underside is concave.  All of these features are consistent with the established works of the Aguilar sisters. This piece is simple, strong and understated; it is a testament to the Aguilar sisters’ ability to do more with less.

Condition: there are no apparent repairs or restoration of any kind.  A very small pebble popped out of the side wall.  See photo above  Overall, the jar is in excellent condition.

Provenance: from the Jeffrey Trent Collection

Recommended Reading:  A River Apart: The Pottery of Cochiti & Santo Domingo Pueblos by Valerie Verzuh, et al.

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Felipita Aguilar Garcia and Asuncion Aguilar Caté, Santo Domingo Pueblo Potters
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