LOUIS NARANJO Very Old Male Storyteller with 2 Children [SOLD]


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Louis Naranjo, Cochiti Pueblo Potter

Cochiti Pueblo artist Louis Naranjo created this pottery storyteller figurine.  It must be one of his very earliest creations and it looks so very much like the work of his mother, Frances Naranjo Suina.  The face of the male could easily be compared to those by Suina.  Louis later developed a style that is easily identifiable as his, but this early one is an indication that his mentor was his mother.

Artist Signature - Louis Naranjo, Cochiti Pueblo PotterThe male has high cheekbones, a long-pointed nose, painted eyes and eyebrow, and an open mouth.  He is dressed in a collar and button shirt with painted design on the sleeves.  He clutches two boys in his arms, and they are dressed in the same style as the adult.  The figurine is signed with the name of the artist. 

We purchased this figurine in 1982 from Teal McKibbin, of La Bodega Gallery on Canyon Road, for our annual storyteller exhibit.  We sold it to the client from whom we now have it back. 

Louis Naranjo (1932-1997) entered the pottery field late in life, after his wife, Virginia, had a stroke.  Louis’s mother and wife taught him the basics of pottery making.  It was not long before Louis became a famous potter.  He and Virginia made some pieces solely, and each signed their name.  On some pieces, they collaborated and both names were put on the works.  Louis is reported to have started pottery making in 1977 and continued until his death in 1997.

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Close up view

Louis Naranjo, Cochiti Pueblo Potter
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