Nambe Pueblo Micaceous Storage Jar


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Pueblo Potter Unknown

This modern micaceous pottery storage jar was made by an unknown Nambe Pueblo potter. It is unsigned and undecorated, so we are unable to attribute it to a specific potter or time period. We would estimate from the look and feel of the jar that it dates to the mid twentieth century. It would be interesting and helpful to know the details of who made the jar and when they were working, but that information is not necessary to enjoy and appreciate the jar's beauty.

This is a large jar with a strong form, and it will likely be a standout piece in any collection. Its form, interestingly, might remind some viewers of a Zuni water jar, with the notable difference being size—this piece measures 17 inches in diameter, which places it well beyond the size of a functional olla. It's an unusual shape for a jar of this size, and it works quite well.

As is typical of Nambe Pueblo pottery, there is no painted design work on this jar. The clay's gorgeous natural sparkle is all that is needed. A pattern of light, hazy fire clouds appears, focused mostly around and just above the shoulder. These beautiful gray clouds add depth and variation in a manner that is particularly fitting for an unadorned jar like this one. They suit the vessel perfectly, contributing much to its considerable power and presence.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Nambe Pueblo Micaceous Storage Jar is from a  private Colorado collection

Recommended Reading: All That Glitters: The Emergence of Native American Micaceous Art Pottery in Northern New Mexico by Duane Anderson

TAGS: Contemporary PotteryNambe Pueblo, Nanbé Ówingeh

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Pueblo Potter Unknown
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