Diné Silver Double Headed Thunderbird Pin with Dangles


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Jeweler Unknown

This Navajo silver thunderbird pin contains traditional Diné design elements in addition to a unique two headed form making it a charming collectors item. The Fred Harvey company adopted the thunderbird as its logo and it is seen in many forms of Southwestern art—especially jewelry.  While the thunderbird is a classic element in jewelry, the double headed bird is not as common. 

In this pin an unknown Diné silversmith added an unconventional twist to the classic shaped thunderbird. The artist cut out the shape of a two headed bird to which precise stampwork was placed on the wings. The addition of three dangles, resembling tail feathers, adds a whimsical aspect to the piece. The pin is extremely well crafted and like most pieces made in the mid-century time period, it is unsigned. 


Note: when we say Diné, as opposed to Navaho or Navajo, we are referring to the people and not the government. Since 1969, their government refers to itself as the Navajo Nation.

Condition: The Diné Silver Double Headed Thunderbird Pin with Dangles is in excellent condition. 

Provenance: From a Santa Fe Collection

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Jeweler Unknown
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