Navajo Sterling Silver Graduated Bead Necklace


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Jeweler Unknown

Simple hook and look secures this necklace.

This mid-twentieth-century Diné necklace consists of graduated silver beads strung on a silver chain. Each bead was individually shaped and hand stamped with a floral motif.  Necklaces of silver beads are one of the most traditional styles of Southwestern jewelry, admired and collected by both Native and non-natives alike. Early twentieth century photos show both men and women wearing strands of silver beads. 

This necklace was made of a lighter gauge silver than what was popular earlier in the twentieth century, giving it an ease of wear unlike earlier heavy necklaces. The lighter weight allows it to hang on the wearer’s neck with a graceful elegance. The shorter length makes this necklace very wearable‒as well as comfortable.

Condition: this Navajo Sterling Silver Graduated Bead Necklace is in very good condition

Provenance: from the collection of a resident of Santa Fe

Recommended Reading:  Navajo Silver a Brief History of Navajo Silversmithing by Arthur Woodward

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Close up view of the individual silver beads.

Jeweler Unknown
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