Original Painting of Zuni Pueblo Natshimomo Katsina - Grandfather Rattles All the Time


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Waldo Mootzka (1910-1940)

The Zuni Pueblo Natshimomo Katsina belongs to the Little Dancers, which are single impersonations of katsinas given in connection with the Winter Series of dances.  They appear in the intervals between songs of particular performances such as the Kokokshi. The young impersonators do not wear the sacrosanct old masks, which appear only in prescribed roles in particular ceremonies, but instead wear copies.  These masks are not dangerous like the others, and the impersonation is more a reminder of the actual katsina. The majority of these impersonators are young boys who are not old enough to perform in a line dance and have been given a limited katsina role.  Quite often this is one demanding excessive activity with a relatively minor ceremonial duty. Their costume is often scanty and the majority of the Little Dancers wear only a breechclout. Many of these impersonations are of katsinas who appear during the preliminary Initiation.  Wright 1985:108

Natshimomo is one of the Little Dancers.  He is known as Grandfather Rattles All the Time.  (This is because he rattles his gourd rattle continuously),  This katsina is a messenger in his regular role who is sent to tell the people that the katsinas are coming in four days.  He usually appears with the Kokoshi. Other Little Dancers are Shulawitsi, Hehe’a, and Itetsepona. ibid.  They are pictured in Kachinas of the Zuni by Barton Wright, page 109.

It is not unusual that Hopi artists painted Zuni Katsinas.  The Hopi and Zuni have a long relationship and they are the closest of the most western pueblos.  Visitors from Hopi witnessed many Zuni katsina ceremonies and visitors from Zuni witnessed many Hopi katsina ceremonies.  There are a number of katsinas from the two pueblos that are quite similar.

Condition: this Original Painting of Zuni Pueblo Natshimomo Katsina is in very good condition

Provenance: from the collection of a gentleman from Santa Fe

Reference: Kachinas of the Zuni by Barton Wright with Original Paintings by Duane Dishta

Waldo Mootzka (1910-1940)
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