Small Redware Jar with Intricate Sgraffito Carving [SOLD]


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Jody Folwell, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

Known in the modern day for redware and blackware pottery, Santa Clara Pueblo has a rich history of beautifully made wares. This jar made by Jody Folwell is no exception. It has been crafted with brilliant detail and precision with unique and intriguing designs.

From the bottom of the jar to the mid-section, there are symmetrical designs of a cross or x shape going all around the body. This opens into some incredibly intricate motifs going along the jar at varying lengths. These designs include rain clouds, swirls, jagged z shaped lines, triangles, and other symbols.

The coloration of this jar is perhaps the most striking feature. It is a deep, rich reddish-orange and includes black highlights interspersed throughout the body, but are particularly prominent on the rim and mouth, which also has a wonderfully unique shape. This piece is a fine example of the masterful skill of the potter.

Artist signature of Jody Folwell, Santa Clara Pueblo PotterThe bottom of the jar is signed JODY as she typically signs her work.

Santa Clara Pueblo artist Jody Folwell (1942- ) is recognized as one of today's finest modernist pueblo potters. She was selected in 1987 as a top contemporary Indian artist by the Southwest Museum in Los Angeles for a major exhibit that included only 7 other Native artists.

The Rose Naranjo dynasty produced several very talented artists, among them her daughter Jody Folwell (1942- ) and her two granddaughters Polly Rose Folwell and Susan Folwell. Most Santa Clara Pueblo potters have continued producing black and red pottery in the traditional fashion, but Jody Folwell broke away from that routine and branched out into a more modern self-expression in her work.

Condition: excellent condition

Provenance: this Small Redware Jar with Intricate Sgraffito Carving is from the collection of a client from New York

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Alternate view of this pottery jar.

Jody Folwell, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter
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