Set of Ten Original Prints by Hopi Artist Loloma [SOLD]


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Charles Loloma (1921-1991)

This set of offset lithographs was made from original color drawings by Charles Loloma, which he had completed in 1988.  They were signed on the original drawings, so the signature on each is part of the lithography process.  We have been unable to determine if these ten were the only ones Loloma drew or if there are more.  We believe, however, that this set is complete.

The Katsinas illustrated in the ten lithographs are: Salakotake, Susöpa, Wupamo, Masau’u, Tasap, Aholi, Chaveyo, Qöqöle, Wuyak-kuita, and Avachhoya. They were printed on heavy stock paper.

Charles Loloma is known as the fabulous Indian jeweler, and appropriately so.  Before mastering a new jewelry design concept, however, Loloma had been a teacher, sculptor, painter and a potter.  He mastered all those techniques as well.  He was an innovator and designer and a leader in any field in which he worked.  He was very successful in his jewelry career in the last quarter of his life.  So successful that he had three airplanes, a Jaguar XK-E and a Rolls Royce.  A starving artist, he was not. A famous artist, he was.

Condition: excellent original condition, never having been framed

Provenance: from the collection of a family from Albuquerque

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