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Tesuque Pueblo Bi-chrome Painted Rain God [R]


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Potter Unknown

Close up view of the top of the head design of this Tesuque Rain God figurine.This figurine is most likely from the 1960 decade or slightly later.  That was a period following the original use of all natural pigment, which was then followed by the use of bright poster paints.  “After the war, pottery making gradually was revived.  Bright watercolors became more available.  Many Tesuque potters painted their pots with the bright colors.” According to Ignacia Duran “People really went for those colored pots.  For retail sales under the portal, we put more color on our pots and more action into our figures.  Then, one day some people came and said they didn’t want us to use the watercolor paints anymore.”  She said that most of the potters abandoned the bright watercolor paints for more subdued natural colors.”  Schaaf 2000, 260


This doll was covered in a cream slip and painted with a natural pigment.  It is not signed with the name of an artist.


Provenance: from the recent collection of Dana Lipsig Scarpitta who provided the collection of rain gods for our 2005 exhibit.  to view this Special Exhibit again, click here.

Recommended ReadingWhen Rain Gods Reigned: From Curios to Art at Tesuque Pueblo by Duane Anderson.  This book is currently not available from Adobe Gallery

Reference:  Pueblo Indian Pottery 750 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.  This book is currently not available from Adobe Gallery

Condition: original condition

Potter Unknown
C3618E-rain-god.jpgC3618E-large.jpg Click on image to view larger.