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Traditional Kewa Shell Pendant [SOLD]


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Artist Unknown

The pendant hangs from a sterling silver chain.

This jet, turquoise and shell pendant was fashioned in a similar manner to what was made over one thousand years ago by the Ancestral Pueblo people living in what is today New Mexico.The style of using mosaic inlay with shell is a traditional method of jewelry making for the artists of Kewa Pueblo.  A modern day Kewa artisan placed a rectangular piece of turquoise in mosaic style with black jet onto a backing of mother of pearl. The only part of the pendant that would not be seen on a piece much older is the addition of the sterling silver loop. The pendant hangs from a sterling silver chain.

Condition: The Traditional Kewa Shell Pendant is in excellent condition.

Provenance: The necklace comes from an extensive Southwest Indian Jewelry collection from a Colorado family

Recommended Reading: North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment: From Pre-history to Present by Margaret Dubin

Front and back side of this pendant.
Artist Unknown
C4072Q-pendant.jpgC4072Q-large.jpg Click on image to view larger.