Very Large Cochiti Pueblo Pottery Dough Bowl [SOLD]


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Elizabeth Trujillo (1949- )
  • Category: Contemporary
  • Origin: Cochiti Pueblo
  • Medium: clay, pigments
  • Size: 9” depth x 17” diameter
  • Item # C3778
  • SOLD

Large pottery vessels are not often seen coming from potters at Cochiti Pueblo.  It has not been a tradition at Cochiti for the last hundred or more years.  It is quite likely that Cochiti families purchased from or traded with potters at Santo Domingo when in need of large vessels.  Cochiti was quite well known in the late 1800s for making wonderful figurine pottery in the form of humans and animals, then in the 1970s, and forward, the potters became famous for making pottery storyteller figurines.

Because the output of figurative pottery was so popular, the women favored making it as that was where the market existed.  It was more profitable to make and sell figurines than to make bowls and jars for use in the pueblo home.  

Elizabeth Trujillo (b.1949) signatureElizabeth Trujillo apparently decided to try for large vessels.  She specializes in making large dough bowls like this one as well as large jars and large lamp bases.  This large dough bowl is signed and dated 1988.  It is decorated on interior and exterior with traditional Cochiti Pueblo pottery designs. 

The bowl was made in the traditional coil method and partially covered in bentonite slip over which the black decoration was painted with pigment made from the Rocky Mountain Bee Plant.  The bowl was fired in the traditional manner in an outdoor process. 


Condition: this Very Large Cochiti Pueblo Pottery Dough Bowl is in original condition

Recommended Reading: Southern Pueblo Pottery 2,000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf

Provenance: Purchased from the potter at the 1988 Santa Fe Indian Market by the current owner

Inside Bowl Design