Zuni Pueblo Painting of Sayuki or Saiyukwe Katsina


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Waldo Mootzka (1910-1940)

Sayuki comes in the Mixed Dance with the Bear Kachina and the others who accompany him.  He is purportedly a Hopi import, although there are no known kachinas from Hopi that resemble Sayuki.  He is often confused with Suyuki, the Ogre, whose name is similar but whose function and appearance differ.  The purpose for which Sayuki comes, other than rainfall, is unknown.

Suyuki appears in the Mixed Dance, or Wotemthla, a group dance in which each kachina is different, rather than all being the same as they are in the regular line dances.  It can be substituted for any traditional dance in either season but is more commonly danced in the summer because its primary function is to bring rainfall.

Condition: this Zuni Pueblo Painting of Sayuki or Saiyukwe Katsina is in excellent condition

Provenance: from a collection of 10 paintings by Mootzka of Single-figure Katsinas.

Reference: Kachinas of the Zuni by Barton Wright with Original Paintings by Duane Dishta

Waldo Mootzka (1910-1940)
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