Cippy Crazyhorse, Cochiti Pueblo Jeweler

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Artist Hallmark - Cipriano Quintana (1946-) Cippy Crazyhorse

Artist hallmark signature of Cipriano Quintana (1946- ) Cippy Crazy Horse

Award winning artist Cippy Crazyhorse accolades are too numerous to list here. His style is reminiscent of early classic pueblo Southwest Indian Jewelry. His work is clean and uncluttered and has a look of being incredibly old. He lives and works at his native Cochiti Pueblo.

Cipriano Quintana (1946- ) Cippy Crazyhorse is a very respected silversmith and is the son of Joe H. Quintana, an important Cochiti master jeweler. He signs his pieces with his CZH hallmark but also uses the two C's back-to-back and STERLING as seen in the image above left.

His father, Joe Quintana, was trained at Frank Patania's Thunderbird Studio in Santa Fe, where he was introduced to new designs and methods for working with silver. He was one of the finest silversmiths of his generation.

Cippy Crazyhorse continued the family tradition, becoming an innovator in his own right. His work is defined by heavy gauge silver fashioned into jewelry with sleek, elegant designs that reflect traditional Pueblo motifs with a modern twist. The winner of multiple awards, he has been a judge at Santa Fe Indian Market and a curator of museum exhibits. He has received international acclaim, and his works are included in many prominent museums and private collections.

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