Dorothy Torivio, Acoma Pueblo Potter

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Artist Signature of Dorothy Torivio, Acoma Pueblo Potter

Dorothy Torivio (1946 - 2011) was a respected Southwest Indian potter from Acoma Pueblo. She was a consistent award winner during her career. She was noted for her traditional pottery with eye dazzler designs, based on the repetition of singular design elements in both positive and negative patterns.

Dorothy Torivio was active ca. 1974-2011.  She was known for her traditional black-on-white and polychrome jars, bowls, seed pots, figures, deer, and owls. Dorothy Torivio was the daughter of Mary Vallo; wife of Peter Concho; daughter-in-law of Lolita Concho; sister of Juanita Keene; aunt of Sandra M. Victorino; mother of four children. Dorothy learned pottery making from her mother and mother-in-law.

Reference: Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2,000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.

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