Dyanne Strongbow, Choctaw Nation Artist

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Artist signature of Dyanne Strongbow, Choctaw NationChoctaw artist Dyanne Strongbow successfully uses negative space to convey her subject matter. She stated that this was to reduce clutter while getting the subject across successfully.

Dyanne Weber Strongbow (1951-) was born in Texas and received her education there. Dyanne received a B.A. from Southwestern Texas State University. She moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was an artist featured at Adobe Gallery's Albuquerque location in the 1980s-1990s.

"A native of Austin, Strongbow's earliest paintings were of the Texas landscape, in 1972, she started painting Native American subjects. She is known for her use of negative space, which, she explains, she uses to prevent the painting from becoming too cluttered with detail. She portrays the present and past as well as the sometimes forgotten lifestyles of many tribes. She does composites and overlapping subjects, and uses subtle washes" -Art of the West, July/Aug 1990

Reference: Southwest Indian Painting: A Changing Art by Clara Lee Tanner

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