Emily Komalestewa, Hopi Pueblo Potter

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Artist Signature - Emily Komalestewa, Hopi Potter

There seems to be very little published information about Hopi Pueblo artist Emily Komalestewa in the standard reference books of pueblo potters, but, thanks to a website put together by Holly Chervnsik for the Native American Art Collection, I have been able to assemble the following:

Emily was married to Austin Komalestewa and they are the parents of Alton Komalestewa, a well-known potter who was married to the daughter of Santa Clara Pueblo potter Helen Shupla. Austin Komalestewa (1916-1987) was a grandson of Nampeyo and Lesou. His dad, William, was a son of Nampeyo and Lesou and he had a short life, having been born in 1893 and died in 1935. His wife also had a short life having passed away in 1918 when her son Austin was only two years old.

Therefore, Emily, a native of Santa Clara Pueblo, married into the Nampeyo family, moved to Hopi Pueblo and has spent her career making Hopi pottery.

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