Horace Iule, Zuni Pueblo Jeweler

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Artist Signature of Horace Iule, Zuni Pueblo ArtisanZuni Pueblo artist Horace Iule learned silversmithing from his father and eventually became an expert of the casting method. He was one of the first from Zuni Pueblo to create the Knifewing God in silver. Horace began working as a silversmith in the 1930s after returning from school in Phoenix where he had studied blacksmithing.

Horace Iule (1901-1978), pronounced Ai-ú-le was a third-generation silversmith. His grandfather, a man known as Sneezing Man, was identified by John Adair in his book The Navajo and Pueblo Silversmiths as one of the first silversmiths at Zuni Pueblo.

Horace Iule also taught jewelry making at Zuni Day School, teaching and influencing a whole generation of Zuni smiths. Horace taught his son Wilbur Iule who carries on the tradition.


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