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Karen Lynne Abeita-Daw (1960 -) Po’Tsa-Weh - Blue Water

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Picture of Karen Abeita of Hopi Pueblo - Photo courtesy of Gregory Schaaf.Karen Lynne Abeita-Daw (1960- ) Po'Tsa-Weh - Blue Water is the Granddaughter of Mamie Nahoodyce and the wife of Darryl Daw. Some of her favorite designs are, Polik Mana - Butterfly Maiden, pottery sherds, feathers, eagle tail feather skirt, Nachwach - clan handshake, clouds and song birds.

Karen Lynne Abeita-Daw - signature

"I enjoy creating pottery, because it's me! You put your heart into your work, and in the end, it'll reward you also. And never forget to pray! Thanks to the earth for letting me be who I am."  — Karen Abeita-Daw

Karen Abeita was born in Albuquerque, NM in 1960, to a Hopi named Lenora Nahoodyce Abeyta who had married an Isleta Pueblo man named Isidor Abeita, Sr.  Apparently her mom had moved from Hopi to Isleta Pueblo upon marriage.  Her maternal family is of the Tewa Kachina-Parrot Clan.  She currently lives on the Hopi Reservation with her husband Darryl Daw.

Reference:  Hopi-Tewa Pottery: 500 Artist Biographies [1st ED/1st Print:] by Gregory Schaaf

Photo and text courtesy of Gregory Schaaf.

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