Lois Smoky, Kiowa Nation Painter, Kiowa Six

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Lois Smoky (1907 - 1981) Bou-ge-tah who signed her work as Bou-ge-tahLois Smoky (1907 - 1981)  Bou-ge-tah, Kiowa, Lois is the daughter of Enoch Smoky; Great nephew of Chief Appiatan, A.K.A. Bougetah Smoky; Louise Smoky. Signatures: Lois Smokey; Lois Smoky; Bou-Ge-Tah Smoky.

"Smoky was one of the *Five Kiowa's who received special art training at the University of Oklahoma. It has long been customary among the Plains Indians that women not draw or paint in a representational style. Because of this feeling, Smoky fought some resentment on the part of the Kiowa group at the University. Although her family, renowned as warriors, became well known as craftsmen, Smokey's art career was brief. She married and devoted herself fulltime to her husband and family." -Snodgrass 1968.

Reference: The Biographical Directory of Native American Painters by Patrick D. Lester.

*The Kiowa Six, previously known as the Kiowa Five, is a group of six Kiowa artists from Oklahoma in the early 20th century. They were Spencer Asah, James Auchiah, Jack Hokeah, Stephen Mopope, Lois Smoky, and Monroe Tsatoke. -Wikipedia

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