Manfred Susunkewa, Hopi Pueblo Carver

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Manfred Susunkewa (1940- ) signatureHopi Pueblo artist Manfred Susunkewa attended Haskell Indian School, Santa Fe Indian School, Institute of American Indian Arts, University of Arizona, and California art schools. Manfred Susunkewa is a commercial artist, Katsina carver, fabric artist, weaver, ceramist, sculptor, and painter.

Four Hopi Pueblo artists were most responsible for the revival of carving traditional "Old Style" Katsina dolls:

- Walter Howato of First Mesa

- Manfred Susunkewa from Second Mesa

- Jimmy Koots of Third Mesa

- Jimmy Kewanwytewa (Jimmy K) of Moenkopi

These artists influenced other carvers from their villages and mesas. Over a hundred carvers joined in the "Renaissance" of carving traditional "Old Style" Katsina dolls.

Manfred Susunkewa was born at Second Mesa on the Hopi Reservation in 1940. Manfred is the maternal grandson of Daisy Honanie and Thomas Honanie and paternal grandson of Susunkewa and Dora Susunkewa; son of Alberta Susunkewa and Emerson Susunkewa, Sr.; nephew of Marion Honanie, Emory Honanie, Ethel Honanie; brother of Daisy Mansfield, Emerson Susunkewa, Jr., Ferrel Susunkewa; husband of Norma Susunkewa; father of Sheryl Susunkewa. Vesta Sisimlewa, Elberta Susunkewa.

Reference: Hopi Katsina: 1,600 Artist Biographies by Gregory and Angie Yan Schaaf.

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