Romando Vigil, Tse Ye Mu, San Ildefonso Pueblo Painter

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Signature of Romando Vigil (1902-1978) Tse Ye Mu

Artist signature of Romando Vigil (1902-1978) Tse Ye Mu - Falling Cloud San Ildefonso Pueblo PainterRomando Vigil was a leader within the San Ildefonso Watercolor Movement.  He used a stylized design to represent his chief interest in painting native ceremonial dance figures. He was a master at creating stylized images with a simple line. His work was neatly executed, often without background or foreground treatment. His coloring was usually very good.

Romando Vigil - Tse Ye Mu - Falling Cloud was born on January 23, 1902 (coincidentally, Feast Day at San Ildefonso Pueblo) and passed away in 1978. He was educated at Santa Fe Indian School, and spent a large part of his adult life working at Walt Disney Studio as a (self-taught) painter.   He  was the father of famous San Ildefonso potter Carmelita Dunlap.  His wife was Juanita Vigil, a sister of Maria Martinez.

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