Maria I. Naranjo, Santa Clara Pueblo Potter

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Maria I. Naranjo (1919- ?) Margarita - signature

Maria I. Naranjo is considered the first potter from Santa Clara pueblo to make nacimientos in blackware pottery.  She originally made them in the Spanish style but started making them in the traditional Indian style in the 1960s. Her figures are incredibly hand formed and precisely stone polished.

The name Margarita Naranjo Santa Clara Pueblo New Mexico is not a potter that's recorded in the standard published reference books. With the exception of one which does list a potter by that name-it appears that she was an older potter whom no one at the pueblo recalls. Several contemporary potters at Santa Clara Pueblo have stated that Margarita was actually Maria I. NaranjoMargarita was an earlier name she used.

*Note: Birth and Death Dates provided by her granddaughter Tammie Mirabal.

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