Minnie Vigil, Santa Clara Potter

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Minnie Vigil Southwest Indian Pottery Contemporary Santa Clara Pueblo signature

Minnie Vigil is from a talented family of potters. Because of her high experience level and craftsmanship, she is recognized as one of the finest potters at Santa Clara Pueblo who is producing Polychrome pottery wares. She was born in 1931 and has produced exceptional pottery for a long time.

Her sisters, Lois Gutierrez de la Cruz, Thelma Talache, and Gloria (Goldenrod) Garcia, are potters of distinction. Minnie has won awards at Santa Fe Indian Market for years in recognition of her fine workmanship. She specializes in Polychrome wares. Some of her pottery is slipped in red clay and stone polished and some is slipped in matte tan clay and not polished.

She typically signs her pieces as Minnie Santa Clara.

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