Santana and Adam Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potters

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Artist Signatures - Santana and Adam Martinez, San Ildefonso Pueblo Potters

Maria's oldest son, Adam and his wife Santana of San Ildefonso Pueblo, were recognized potters even though they are mostly associated with having helped Maria with her pottery. They worked together making Black-on-black pottery their entire, long lives. Collaboration on pottery with their dual signatures has been seen for over 50 years.

Santana (1909-2002) painted designs on pottery and Adam assisted in firing pottery for Maria. Santana came from a long line of talented painters and potters. Her grandmother, Dominguita Pino Martinez, was a famous potter and her brother, Awa Tsireh, was a famous painter.

Adam (1903-2000?) was the oldest son of Maria and Julian Martinez and he was a serious asset in assisting his mother in gathering clay and firing pottery during the last four decades of her life following the death of Julian in 1943.

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