Marcellus and Elizabeth Medina

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Marcellus and Elizabeth Medina artists signaturesElizabeth Medina (1956- ) and Marcellus Medina (1954- ) are a husband-and-wife team who produce pottery at Zia Pueblo. Marcellus is a native of Zia Pueblo, the son of Sofia and Rafael Medina. Elizabeth is originally from Jemez pueblo. When she married Marcellus in 1978, she moved to Zia and received permission from Zia elders to make pottery in the Zia style. Her teacher was Sofia Medina, her new mother-in-law. Because she has been at Zia Pueblo and has made pottery in the Zia style most of her adult life, she is referenced as a Zia potter and most properly so. When the pair are working together, Elizabeth creates the pots and Marcellus handles the design, often using acrylic paints but sometimes using traditional mineral and vegetal paints.