Red Dakota ‘Waddie’ CrazyHorse, Cochiti Pueblo Jeweler

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Although there are several silversmiths who have used W as their hallmark, Waddie CrazyHorse is the only one with this style W posted in hallmark books so we have made the decision to credit him as the artist.“Red Dakota ‘Waddie’ CrazyHorse is a third generation silversmith who hails from Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico.  He hopes to someday follow in the master-silversmith-sized shoes of his grandfather Joe H. Quintana and father Cippy CrazyHorse. He is a Stanford graduate who plans on obtaining his MBA in social entrepreneurship in a few years. . . . Many of his designs are inspired by older (pre-1900) Navajo museum pieces and by his father’s and grandfather’s work, all of which share a common element of simplicity.”  [Schaaf, 2012:168]