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Red Starr (1937-2018)

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Red Starr (1937-2018) signatureThere seems to be some confusion between two potters with similar names—Elmer Red Star (with one r) and Red Starr (with two r’s).  Elmer Red Star is stated to have produced sgraffito pottery as early as 1976, a time when Joseph Lonewolf and Grace Medicine Flower were making similar works.  He is credited with having made miniatures with sgraffito designs and inset turquoise.

Red Starr (with two r’s) was of the Sioux Nation and married and living at Santa Clara Pueblo.  He was married to Harriet Tafoya and was an active potter starting in the 1970s. Red Starr signed pottery as:  Red Starr, followed by an arrow under which is the word Sioux, and a number (example:  83 TY-13.  The 83 indicates the year it was made).