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Historic Zuni Pottery Special Exhibit and Catalog 2008

Category: Pottery | Posted by Todd | Tue, May 24th 2022, 11:50am

An exhibit of historic Pueblo pottery and other art forms and older jewelry from Zuni Pueblo that occurred at Adobe Gallery on July 31, 2008 until September 01, 2008. The exhibit opens on Friday, May 2nd, with a reception from 4 to 6 pm, and continues through May 31st. Historic Zuni Pueblo Pottery from the mid-1800s to the mid 1900s will be the highlight of the exhibit with over 30 pieces available for purchase. The exhibit is in coordination with the release of a new 614-page book entitled “The Pottery of Zuni Pueblo” by Dwight P Lanmon.

View more details on the show.

2008 Historic Zuni Pottery Exhibit CatalogDownload Exhibit Catalog:
Historic Pottery of Zuni Pueblo
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a .pdf version of this catalog.
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by Alexander E. Anthony, Jr.
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Historic Pottery of Zuni Pueblo, Adobe Gallery Exhibit Catalog in Print Format40-page Paperback Exhibit Catalog:
Historic Pottery of Zuni Pueblo
(view details of this catalog)
by Alexander E. Anthony, Jr.
(Available from Adobe Gallery)