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Hopi Chof - Antelope Katsina Doll by Otto Pentewa - 25908

Category: Kachina - Katsina | Posted by Adobe Gallery Team Member | Wed, Oct 26th 2016, 12:24pm

Otto Pentewa Katsina Doll 25908This carving pre-dates the advent of acrylic paints in the 1960s. It appears to date from the period of pre-World War II, probably the 1930s. The doll stands firmly without use of support.


Otto Pentewa (1886-1961) and Wilson Tawaquaptewa (1873-1960) were the first Hopi katsina doll carvers to have dolls attributed to them by name. Both carvers became famous in the 1920s-1930s and each had a very distinctive style. Collectors, with little difficulty, can identify the unsigned carvings of these two individuals.



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